About us

I have always had a deep rooted passion for plants, flowers, vegetables, outdoor plants and trees (nature in general).  This passion sparked a desire to become a horticulturist, but life sent me down another path.  However, this did not change the love I have for plants and wanting to grow and enjoy house plants, flowers and most recently vegetables. 

I have started this website for others that share my enthusiasm for “Everything About Gardening” and want to learn more.  Instead of spending so much time searching for information, this website contains a variety of videos, tips, tricks, how to and other useful information on plants and gardening.   The videos and other information will be updated daily to provide the newest and a variety of information that will keep my fellow plant and gardening enthusiasts engaged.  I will be sharing my success and failure stories along the way.  

Time and space are not limits to growing something!  My home is only 900 square feet of living space and I am using a small section in one bedroom to dabble in hydroponics.  I have turned the habitat of my three toed box turtle (our patio) into a growing space for small potted plants, hanging plants and flowers.

If you are a beginner or just having trouble with art of growing and/or nurturing plants, no need to be discouraged or overwhelmed.  And for the experienced gardener and plant whisperers, there are videos and ideas for you as well.   There will be lots of helpful information shared and available for both beginners and the experienced!

If you have suggestions or ideas to make this website better, please send me a note through my Contact page.

Let’s get started………