Growing Mushrooms Vs Microgreens (& Why They Work Well Together)

Indoor Gardening
How does it compare to grow mushrooms vs microgreens? Find out in this video where we compare the 2 crops to each other.

We look at the similarities & differences of:

– the growing cycle of each crop
– the growing spaces they each need
– how much each crop can yield in a 10m2 space
– the health benefits of mushrooms vs microgreens
– how to market and sell mushrooms and microgreens
– why it works well to grow them at the same time

We’ve been really enjoying growing both mushrooms and microgreens lately on our farm and find they work well together. Every restaurant that we supply our mushrooms to wanted to buy microgreens too.

Both crops fetch a high price and have short growing cycles, so it was a natural fit to integrate them together into our activities.

Watch the video to learn more about the similarities and differences between the 2 crops.

Grab your free e-book on how to set up a Low-Tech Mushroom Farm here:


Learn more about growing microgreens here:

How To Grow Microgreens: The Ultimate Guide

Also, ​​if you want to learn in more detail how ​to start growing microgreens as a business, then check out this free guide from Nate Dodson of

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